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not even comparable to a DWI. driving a car you are moving at speeds up to 90 mph and operating a metal box that weighs thousands of pounds. the potential destruction to other people is exponentially higher than skiing. if we're ranking things on how stupid and inconsiderate of the public they are, driving a car drunk is so obviously more dangerous than skiing drunk. skiing drunk you are mostly a risk to yourself, not others. you arent 0% risk to others, but its not like driving a dang car.

and there is nothing wrong with having a beer or two while skiing. the 8:30 AM first chair breakfast beer is a great tradition. getting DRUNK while skiing is an issue. there's a difference.

Wel....I don't know...I've been hit very hard by out of control skiers, to the point where I was nearly seriously hurt if not killed. I have no idea of these incidents involved drunk skiers or not, but to suggest that you can not seriously hurt OTHERS while skiing is just plain wrong. And if your ability to control youseflf is impaired by drinking - which is fairly obvious....well, then your likelihood of hurting some one else increases.

Just saying, I'd disagree with saying its not like a DWI.