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    Quote Originally Posted by JimG. View Post

    Killington early March last season:

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    The line for the gondola at K1 stretches behind the lodge going towards SS.
    That was an exceptional Saturday after a weekday snowstorm on a well forecasted sunny day, not a typical Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mister moose View Post
    I would think more passes = marginally more skier days, but it will take several years to flush that out of the background noise.
    Exactly. We simply need more years of data to get an accurate understanding of the impact. Or as abc points out, we need to be able to do a deep dive on comparison between individual resorts. That would be interesting to see.

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    Interesting thread! I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I'm curious to see how this plays out at Stratton this season vs. other seasons. I'll also be interested in hearing about crowds at Mt. Snow. Being the two most Southern mountains in VT, the propensity is there for more volume.

    And yes, the other side of the brings more skiers to the hill which could help the sport overall.

    And good to see you back Greg! Love the fact that it's been awhile, but you're still killin' it with the post count.

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    Something tells me that this has a lot more to do with the Disney World model than anything else. Disney makes it extremely cheap to add days to a pass after the first four days. This provides a strong financial incentive against splitting your vacation time with Universal Studios. The theory is that, if the customer would have gone somewhere else, you are better off having people pay very little to remain on your property because they are going to spend money on food and souvenirs. In other words, some money is better than no money.

    Therefore, it is likely that the mega-pass resorts are seeing increased skier visits. Vail isn't stupid, after all.

    It's no secret that the biggest losers in this type of battle are the other resorts. As I have said earlier, I would not want to be Magic, Bromley, Bolton, Smuggs, or Burke right now. Those resorts are going to have to offer a sub-$500 season pass if they want more than condo owners and locals buying them. The silver lining is that they won't have to substantially reduce day ticket prices since the mega-pass resorts charge insanely high day rates.

    I have a feeling that you will start to see a lot of deferred maintenance and scrubbed improvement plans at the non-mega pass resorts. That will not make their long term survival any easier.

    It is very possible that we are experiencing a heyday of skiing in the northeast prior to a renewed wave of ski area contractions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FBGM View Post
    How is it more expensive?......Now if you’re a dumbass sucker laying window ticket prices. Yeah it’s expensive.
    Because you are only considering people who ski numerous days per season.

    It's also apparent from your post that you have absolutely no idea how few days the average North American skier gets on snow each season, which is only approximately 5.

    Additionally, you're also not considering "new" skiers as part of the market at all, or perhaps more likely you aren't intelligent enough to realize that that's what "recruitment" means. I'll try not to use so many multi-syllabic words if replying to your posts in the future.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    It costs more to start skiing. Most new skiers don’t ski enough per year to even make the 750 worth it.
    Yup. And this is a big concern some of us have in the long-term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn View Post

    And yes, the other side of the brings more skiers to the hill which could help the sport overall.
    A better way to phrase this, is that it brings the same skiers to the hill more often.
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    The Epic pass has opened up more possibilities for us. Hunter, Mt Snow Okemo will be cheaper overall to go to all these places now, even though we will probably be at Stowe more..but we can leave Stowe and hit Mt Snow or Okemo on Sunday ..or hit Hunter for a quick day trip. I used to get 25 days in get 40.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    Looking at the webcams it already looks like a normal mid-winter weekend day at Mount Snow. Do these EPIC people even work?

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    ...heyday of skiing in the northeast prior to the second wave of ski area contractions.
    Not just the northeast. All over the country!

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    Are epic passes as big an existential threat to skiing as climate changes? Which pass will be the first to include skiing on Mars? Can you even get to Mars before the season ends? What's the best wax to use on red snow? When are the US and Norway closing the sale of Greenland? Did a computer really prove the four color theorem? Was it Watson?

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