Big Snow/American Dream- opening day review/trip report


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    Big Snow/American Dream- opening day review/trip report

    Lindsey, Kelly, Donna & Red got first chair.

    By Steve Strunsky, with pics:
    ''I have to agree with Olympian Lindsey Vonn. Indoor skiing at Big Snow is ‘actually really good.’''
    If it's snowin' I'm goin'

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    Thumbs down

    No bumps apparent in that vid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domeskier View Post
    No bumps apparent in that vid...
    Not yet - I read an article that there would be some soon. They have a large area blocked off for press & stuff in the video's I have seen so far

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    Oh - nice. Would definitely hit it up if they seeded a line or two of moguls.

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    I'll probably go there a time or two in the summer.

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    Big Snow: 10/7


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    Big Snow is finally reopening on September first. 25 percent capacity. I may have to take a ride soon and check it out.

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