Berkeshire East after 2ft this week


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    Berkeshire East after 2ft this week

    They got 19 inches on Monday, if i remember correctly, more on Tuesday. A few inches on Friday. Good cover. Lots of soft bumps. Being our first time there, i like the terrain, very little run-off. My son, who is slowly tuning into a snow snob, finds the natural snow a bit wet and sticky. They ran the quad in the morning, switch to only the triple in the mid afternoon. Ski-on to 3 minute line at worst.

    Rumor has it that they are opening all trails on Sunday.

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    Was full on Sunday! Disappointed I didn't take any picks. Pretty much as good as it gets at BEast. $30.00 bucks with my CSC card!
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    Conditions at B-East are very surprisingly great right now. 12/20 super grippy packed powder, no ice on the mountain.

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