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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit2941 View Post
    That’s like us going somewhere in PA to ski. If I’m going to drive a couple hours it’s going to be north to better skiing!
    Except this last storm was hitting the south instead of the north.

    I had never had much luck with powder days in the northeast 10 years back. But these last few years, so many storms were hitting down in the "flatland". I'm beginning to pay attention to them. So much easier to sneak a day mid-week in the Cats than having to drive 4 hrs each way to VT.

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    Stowe has gotten a total of 49 inches so far
    Hunter 36..and almost all of that in 1 shot..
    Thsts pretty close to each other..and Hunter has had better overall conditions so far...

    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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