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    Drink Heady Topper and Sip of Sunshine...hard if not impossible to get here.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    Roger that.

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    sip isn't a rare beer anymore. they distribute widely and do most of their production in connecticut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingslug View Post
    Drink Heady Topper and Sip of Sunshine...hard if not impossible to get here.
    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    sip isn't a rare beer anymore. they distribute widely and do most of their production in connecticut.
    Right, Sip should be plentiful in CT. I've seen stacks of cases for $13 a 4-pack. I think all of Sip is brewed by 2 Roads, only variants like Double Sip are made in Warren. Heady is also losing its quality and rareness, the last few times in the store it's well stocked and marked "only" 3 four packs of each Alchemist beer. (Heady and Focal Banger). Branch out some when in VT, you'll find some shining stars.

    In your area NEBCO and Single Cut does a decent job, but it's not VT.

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    singlecut was better when they were fully based out of astoria. they got a bigger facility upstate and the quality fell off some imo.

    here in bk, i really like folksbier and threes. other half is good but i get a little exhausted with their infinite ipa varieties.

    stopped at suarez near hudson on the way home from skiing after thanksgiving and have some nice bottles cellaring now

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    I still love me some Heady. But that said, I really dig what Frost and Upper Pass are doing. If you're up in the MRV, can't beat finding Hillfarmstead on tap pretty easily.

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    Maybe...I missed last weekends goods and all my shopping is done.

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    Picking up my son at Norwich U. on Saturday. We may take a few runs at the Bush as he has a pass and I have an addiction.
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    I Was originally planning on a Killington Saturday and Sunday riding Ugggggggggggg this is the last weekend to use 2 for 1 I have till April. They went from aprox 95 trails to 45 midday to 80 at closing which is hmmmmm. Now rain and Freezing

    Is everything not on-trail and resurfaced going to be mostly ice??? Got frigid weather after this rain for almost 3 days. Not sure what the weekend is bringing weather wise either hoping for a slight shift to colder. for snow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit2941 View Post
    Super bummed after how awesome this past weekend was. Probably going to sit this weekend out. Snow surface while it’s raining is nice but it looks like fairly substantial rain. Maybe Sunday?
    Were you at Belle?

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