Date: 12/21 and 12/25

Resorts: Gunstock and Mount Snow

Conditions: Man Made, Sunny, Machine Groomed at both

Report: Double report here as I was lazy and forgot to post Gunstock's last weekend. Went to both Gunstock and Mount Snow this week. Both days were fairly busy, with the earlier being the busier before the X-Mas holiday. Gunstock had open 3 routes from the top - Gunsmoke, Recoil and Trigger. Recoil was the death cookie trail as it just had open that day. Gunstock has done a good job getting terrain open this past week.

Mount Snow yesterday, was frozen granular machine groomed. The Sunbrook side trails skied the best. Lapped the entire mountain with not many people there. They definitely need to resurface some of the trails, but all in all a good day.



Mount Snow: