Stratton 1/5/2020


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    Stratton 1/5/2020

    First time out for awhile and it was good to be back on the hill. Started off with a little excitement when we rescued a snowboard we saw fall off of a shuttle bus. We were able to catch up and deliver it. Unfortunately, the daughters board fell off back at the condo complex.

    Skiing was good. Pitches were scratchy, so we stuck to low pitch trails. Crowds were not bad at all and most lifts had little to no wait. They were making snow with more guns coming online that night.

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    Thanks man. How much does S need to put the trees in play?

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    Hard to say, I didn't get a really good look this past weekend. However, it looked like what I saw from the lift had ok coverage. I'd imagine a good dump would probably put most into place considering all these freeze/thaws with some smaller storms in between has created a decent base.

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