Why Ski Resorts Are Dying


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    Why Ski Resorts Are Dying

    Food for thought...

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    This video is an absolute mess of errors, combined with shoehorned left-wing political claims stuffed into what's ostensibly a ski industry demographics video.

    Video Claim: US Skier visits dropped 11% last year?

    Actually they are UP 10% & were the highest in 8 years.

    Video Claim: US Skier visits are back to where they were 30 years ago!

    Actually, the 2018 visit data is UP over 10% from the 1988 visit data.

    Video Claim: Alpine skiers fell from 11 Million to just over 8 Million

    Actually there were 10.3 Million participants last year

    I have no idea where "annoying Millennial girl" (aka the narrator) gets her data, mine is directly from NSAA. On the second claim, she does say "skiers", which would omit snowboarders, but I still dont think that math works even if she did omit snowboarders, and even if so, it's dumb to report on "ski resort" health if you're omitting all snowboarder dollars. What makes this even more confusing is later in the video, she quotes "average skier age" directly from NSAA, so it's not like she isnt aware that data source exists given she literally sourced it. Then at another point in the video she confused total skiers with total skier visits, and claims Global Warming is currently badly hurting the US ski industry, which is absurd.

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    A video that has numerous factual errors in the first few minutes loses a lot of credibility...

    1) They cited skier participation as being down 11% "last year" yet the source they reference for that stat is an article from 2014. In reality (based on NSAA data), last year was the highest "active participant" year in quite some time (http://www.nsaa.org/media/378733/participants2019.pdf)

    2) They then go on to say that skier visits are back to where they were 30 years ago. Also not true. 30 years ago (1988-1989) we were at 53M skier visits (a rank of 23 since NSAA tracked this metric). Last year (2018-2019) we were actually at 59M skier visits (a rank of 4th best all time). (http://www.nsaa.org/media/303945/visits.pdf)

    3) The "graph" they use to show the above data is just very inaccurate.

    4) At around 3 minutes in they state in 2016 that "20 million people went skiing". That number makes zero sense. Skier participation has fluctuated between roughly 8 and 10 million for quite some time. Skier visits haven't been below 50M since 1990. So where does 20 million come from? The source they credit is a Powder article that says 20 million people went skiing, snowboarding AND SNOWMOBILING that year. Do that many people really snowmobile? At any rate, they need to learn to use 1 source of data and stick with it.

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    Despite all the errors, Millennial girl's horrifically affected voice was the worst part of that video.
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    Oh, but it gets worse.

    You know the opening minute of the video which looks like it's shot on some alternate dystopian world after a nuclear fallout to show how badly "ski resorts" are declining in America?

    It's called Nevele.

    I looked it up because Millennial girl said it's in New York, so I was shocked I'd never heard of a ski resort so close to home. Anyway, this "ski resort" had ONE trail. Really. The whole thing is intentionally deceptive from the first second.
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    I know people are generally clueless and easy to fool. I guess this proved that point?

    But to be brutally honest, I did not bother checking the validity of the numbers offered here either. That means if enough lie here, you would probably got me!

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    In last 20 year's have we lost real ski resorts?
    Don't know

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    Lots of little places have closed over the years. See NELSAP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottySkis View Post
    In last 20 year's have we lost real ski resorts?
    Don't know
    Off the top of my head saddleback and balsams have been lost since the turn on the century. Ascutney and haystack are special cases, the former largely but not entirely lost, the later likely to return. We have regained crotched and arguably mittersill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottySkis View Post
    In last 20 year's have we lost real ski resorts?
    Don't know
    The Balsams


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