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    Quote Originally Posted by abc View Post
    Iím glad Iím taking Tuesday off so didnít have to head home today. Would had been stuck in the traffic at 91.

    Here at North Conway this morning, thereís still more traffic heading north than heading south. So a lot of people are still skiing today. (Bitterly cold and windy as hell up here)
    Skied Attitash on Monday until around 2 - the early morning ~11 wasn't too bad but the winds kicked up pretty good after that and digits started to freeze. We did the two down and in until 2 and split. Never really hit traffic until Rte 3 on 495 and again at 290. Neither was too bad, maybe 5 -10 extra minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    Wouldn't the feds have some involvement as it's an Interstate?
    Not sure, but the NJ Turnpike's recent $2.5B widening project from exits 6-9 was supposedly fully funded by the NJ Turnpike Authority according to the project FAQ. And that's officially part of I-95. I have a feeling maybe on tolled roads that the feds relegate more control/responsibility to the agency collecting the tolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingslug View Post
    Try 15 in CT..The Grand Prix run of CT. 2 lanes..pretty much no speed limit as there is no where for cops to hide or pull you over.
    Gotta love 15. What can go wrong when you have to merge into 60mph+ traffic from a dead stop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by machski View Post
    So, Sunday River was not mad house this weekend. Sure, some lifts had lines (Jordan on Saturday which I would have avoided if Oz Quad didn't act up on its day 1 then Oz on Sunday with an electric power issue affecting Jordan in the morning) but all in all as usual, easy to find a lift or area with minimal to no wait. Coming home on 93 through Concord and the NH tolls took a bit. Really hope if the state widens 93 through Concord, they widen the electronic toll lanes to three a side first.

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    All toll highways should be like Mass. Zero cash collection points and fully electronic. It's ridiculous they are installing hybrids like we have in NH on 95 in Maine currently.

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    Leave..either reeeeaaal early saturday..or deal with the shit for half the ride up after work friday and get first chairs...i like first chairs
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    Vermont Ski Areas Enjoy Record Business Over MLK Holiday
    JAN 21, 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyWebb View Post
    Vermont Ski Areas Enjoy Record Business Over MLK Holiday
    JAN 21, 2020
    So much for the death of the ski industry...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Los View Post
    So much for the death of the ski industry...
    And this is a weekend where a good number of passes were blacked out...

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    I was driving from cannon to Boston metro west Monday night. I left cannon around 4:30 and had possibly my slowest drive home ever, which was pretty surprising given how empty the mountain was all day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Los View Post
    So much for the death of the ski industry...
    Reason #1 - a good economy with pretty good confidence it will remain strong.

    Reason #2 - It snowed and warmed on Sunday - the old saying of more business up north when in snows in southern NE holds true.

    Reason #3 - no northeast teams ( Pats/Giants/Jets/Eagles) in playoffs.

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