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    Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, urungus.

    Having had [unfortunately] quite a bit of past experience with recovering from injuries, and with physical therapy, I'd agree with those who recommend being diligent in that regard. I will add that you are your own best advocate, and that it pays great dividends to articulate your goals, thoughts, and feelings/senses/abilities (w.r.t. pain, tolerance of pain, range of motion) with your physical therapist. Working with a physical therapist that is knowledgeable *and* that listens to you and actually *hears* what you are telling them is very important. If you push yourself *within the limits* prescribed by such a physical therapist, you may be able to set a pace for recovery that is at least "acceptable" to you yet without major setbacks. Again, clear, informative two-way communication (along with following the instructions diligently) typically is important, I believe, for a successful physical therapy outcome.

    Two additional notes:
    (1) Hadn't realized how much a shoulder injury interferes with quality sleep. "Staying ahead of the pain" helps a bit in terms of getting quality rest, and quality, restful sleep can help the healing process.
    (2) If you can comfortably do so, avoid the "heavy painkillers" that seem to be commonly prescribed these days. I stuck with ibuprofen instead of the opioid-based painkillers that were prescribed, and did not regret it. YMMV, of course.

    As for goggles/lenses that are "good" in flat light, my personal experience is that the yellow-tinted lenses have been the best in that respect (with the exception of a purple-tinted lens that I once owned; yet I've never been able to find that color/tint of lens again). None have been "great"...
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    Sorry to hear this. Sounds like a long, tough road back. Keep your spirits up and you'll pull through!!

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    Bummer to do this in Ski season, even bigger Bummer to do this on a Ski vacation in another country.

    Heal Up!

    I thought this was going to be a sarcastic thread about how the winter was over because its sucked so far... Much worse than that unfortunately...

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    Sucks man, you might want to get a subscription to NBC Sports Gold Winter package and watch some FIS racing this season.
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    Best wishes for a full recovery.

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    Hang in there! That's a rough spell to go through. And the guy on the hill trying to help! Oh man. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I'll make sure I dedicate some turns to you this season.

    Keep us all posted on your surgery and recovery.


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    So true! Heel fast.
    2) Be careful out there, I usually have my worst wipe outs on easier runs where I am not respecting the mountain as I should

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirbannedalot View Post
    Its only a shoulder. You dont need it to ski. Get back out there. How embarrassing to get taken off the mtn on a sled. A green trail no less.
    Sorry for your bad luck. My left shoulder is f'd up. If I fall hard on it skiing I'm screwed. I tweaked it falling in the woods a few years ago. I started going down and stuck my pole in the snow to brace myself. That was enough to aggravate my bad shoulder. Luckily I'm an old fart and don't have much need to lift anything heavy over my head anymore. Good luck with your recovery.3qafhk.jpeg

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    PT, PT, PT!! Don't push it but do it. Take the nerve block if offered and expect pain! If you know it's coming, it's easier to deal with.

    Also, colace is your friend.

    Best of luck and heal fast!!

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    Wow sorry to hear. Best of luck for a speedy and full recovery.
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