vermont backcountry guide article


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    vermont backcountry guide article

    pretty cool read. some places i knew about, some places i didnt know about.

    they aren't spilling tea as these are all sanctioned zones.

    800 acres of treeskiing between mount snow and haystack. would be cool if they did a slide brook type mount snow-haystack connection andkept the middle wild but maintained glades.

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    this is a great article, missed it. Thanks for posting. Here's my Q, how easy is it to hook up with others at these places if you don't have a partner to venture with. I certainly know lots of good BC, behind killington, and south of there, but never would go in alone despite having the right gear, going alone is a fools errand IMO

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    Interested in the Ascutney area..only 3.5 hours from me.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    If I lived out east Id be all over those stuff when the snow is good. Id much rather get in a couple of skin laps in than stand in lines on busy weekends.

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