Loaf vs Bush next weekend


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    Loaf vs Bush next weekend

    Want to book a room at one of them next weekend. Bush is 100% open and Loaf is as close as it gets without the snowfields. Reports from Bush have sounded pretty decent, haven't really seen any from Loaf. Looks like this Tuesday's "storm" will be all snow for both, then dry the rest of the week with cool enough temps to retain what falls (and holiday crowds to ski it off).

    Any additional recent intel? If all things are equal, tie goes to the Bag Burger. But Worthy Burgers and Mad Tacos are great too if the snow is better there.
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    Sugarloaf is in good shape. Brackett is open and really fun. Did the Cat skiing today which was pretty cool. Great snow in there. It was dumping this afternoon but so windy. Light snow falling at Spillover motel right now (great budget lodging).

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    I booked at place at Loaf the other day. It seriously may have been one of the last available options. Good luck finding something near there.

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    Just got back from 4 days at the Loaf. All the front side extensions skied great with bubblecuffer extension probably the worst of the bunch, however Powder Keg (minus the first turn into the trail) & Winter's Way Extension were both prime. Glades were decent, some better than others....As you can imagine still stuff to watch out for and poking through. Glades closer to snowmaking generally were in better shape than others. If I had to rank all the glades I skied in terms of coverage and fun factor (in best to worst order), I'd say Brackett (minus the awful traverse in), Gondi Glade, Fred's Pitch (short steep & ton of snow), Swedish Fiddle, Ram Pasture, Kick Back, Broccoli Garden, Barberchair, Can't Hook Glade, and Dropline (would not recommend). If they get upwards of 8 inches of snow, the glades will be rocking.

    Have fun....I don't expect it to be overly busy as it was pretty dead over the long weekend with a Blackout weekend for the Silver Pass holders. They are also blacked out this coming Saturday too.

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    bush is skiing great right now.
    just got back on Tuesday from bush. skiied Sat-Tues morning.
    it was snowing hard all day Tuesday. they were calling for 4-6".
    all the main arteries were a little skiied out by Monday due to the Prez weekend crowd. but the crew did a great job grooming before the dump. it was awesome Tuesday morning.
    hit the glades in castle rock and the slidebrook at the end of the day on Saturday and Sunday. it is deep in there. at least a couple of feet everywhere and that was before the Tuesday dump.

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