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    Maybe an option for Sunday..getting worn out driving to Stowe every weekend.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    This is for Saturday the 14th of March. Again not my review but it is accurate. It was a very interesting day starting with the ominous warning sign on the entry door.
    Well things only got more strange - headed to the six pack and tried to figure out the new coronavirus friendly lift line. Of course a line that dead ended, but that was only the beginning. The stantion is back and the little line obstruction is gone. In it's place is a 3 person load to create 'seperation'. Except everyone is standing next to each other in the line.

    But, it gets better. At the Florida lift it appeared no one got the email. It was fill the chair as usual. That was the same policy being followed at the Zebra lift. But, the Northern express closed the 2 outside lanes forcing the remaining four together. They definitely didn't get the email. Maybe a staff meeting would be a better approach where everyone is actually doing the same thing!

    And guest relations was telling everyone that the mountain would not close any time soon as they still had the bump competition next weekend. Well - once again mountain communication was at its best !! Folks had received an email saying that ALL mountain activities had been cancelled. Special Events did not bother to tell guest relations, the information booth or most that need to know and answer quests questions!!!

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