2020 bike season


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    2020 bike season

    With weather being what is been down here in Middletown NY ready to start biking
    I rode about 6 miles in February
    Maybe this thread bring back winter or spring conditions.
    I mostly likely done skiing if it does not snow or no spring conditions in Catskills I ok with that.
    As a winter person who likes all season just ready to move on from pretty terrible season for South North East
    Wish I lived north of Albany

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    March 3 2020
    3 miles this morning it was warm here in Middletown Hudson valley of NY

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    Sunday March 8 rode about 3 miles today
    Lovely warm today

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    Friday March 14 2020
    5 miles ridden in beautiful afternoon that got near 70 in Middletown
    No others coming in my space on bike compared to ski and snowboard hills
    I glad mid Hudson Valley has so many beautiful bike spot s
    Also really looking forward to completion of rail trail from Middletown to Goshen
    The other half from Goshen to Monroe has some nice riding was completely like 20 years ago

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    Sunday today March 14 . 6 miles on my old bike yes I went to quick check for lunch
    No lines or people in there I say if was 90% less people to normal lunch hour
    I did expect that but said to reality

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    Tuesday st patty day
    4 miles in 44 minutes in hills of Hudson Valley.
    Good day with nice sun
    No need for lunch break

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    Are you riding in wet cement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY DirtBag View Post
    Are you riding in wet cement?

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