Beaver Creek trip over President's Week......


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    Beaver Creek trip over President's Week......

    We arrived at Beaver Creek on Monday Feb 17th and skied at the resort 6 out of the 7 days, we were all incredibly impressed with the place. The terrain is solid and varried for all levels of skiers, is it the best terrain that I've ever skied, probably not but it's very good. When you factor in all of the unmarked skiable glades, the lack of crowds, all of the luxury ski on ski off choices, the restaurants, the village, and outside activities BC becomes a hard package to beat. As a matter of fact it has become our new favorite place to ski. Rather than going through each day I'll post some of the better pictures that I took of the trip with a little commentary.

    These first pictures are of an off the map trail that we found the first day. Hardly anyone was skiing it throughout the week and we ended up hitting it 5 or 6 times while we were there. BC has unmarked, mellow glades all over the place. This was our favorite run of the trip that is accessible off the Primrose trail, my son called it Paradise!.......20200218_100702.jpg20200218_100607.jpg20200221_110327.jpg20200223_102505.jpg

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    These are photos of the Stone Creek Chutes which are the most challenging runs at BC. There are 6 different chutes which are not very long but steep and bumpy with cliff faces scattered all over the run. I skied the 1st, 2nd, and 4th chutes and was told by a local that the 1st chute right as you arrive on the trail is the most challenging. That is what I thought as well. The drop in on each chute is fairly steep and you also need to make sure to not ski over one of the big cliffs which I almost did while I was cutting across the trails, it would not have been good as you can see in the last picture of the cliff I almost slid over.....20200219_140941.jpg20200219_141010.jpg20200219_141131.jpg20200219_141303.jpg20200222_192616.jpg

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    These are the birds of prey runs, my son and I skied Golden Eagle which was groomed and in racing condition when we skied it. Those guys and girls that fly down that run during the world cup at the speeds they move at are crazy! Gosawk is the 3rd picture which was the steepest and most challenging birds of prey run in our opinion, the the last two are of Perigrane.....20200223_093111.jpg20200223_093156.jpg20200222_131915.jpg20200222_105850.jpg20200222_104913.jpg

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    These last photos are of the Keller glades in the first 2 pictures and 4 Get About It in the last 2. I hit every glade on the map including the Royal Elk glades a couple times which are absolutely world class. The gladed terrain off of the map was wonderful as well, there was tons of it.

    With that being said, I felt that the run 4 Get About It was the second most difficult trail that I skied during the trip right behind the the first Stone Creek chute. BC is unique in the way that most of its steeper terrain is towards the bottom of the mountain and the mellow stuff is at the top. In any event I hope you enjoyed the report, if you've never been to Beaver Creek I'd highly suggest a trip there one day. We stayed in the glades 75% of the time which were unbelievable, it was a wonderful trip!


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    Very nice. Good snow! You're raising that kid right.

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    Thanks.......He's getting familiar with those double blacks early! The sooner you get used to feeling and dealing with uncomfortable terrain the better.

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