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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    Same observation. I stopped into JBI for takeout for the wife and I tonight. I love many of our eateries, but his food would be what I'd miss the most of all if any restaurants were to close in town. Gave Johnny an envelope of cash to distribute to his staff. Hospitality workers are going to be so screwed for the foreseeable future. I'm quite sensitive to that having spent so many years in the industry.

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    That was a cool move, man. I should do similar for Rwks.

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    Bromley seems to still be open, but I'm going to pass. ski season over. I think we have more serious issues right now.

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    bad bad. just saw they were closed

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    From a safety standpoint, it makes sense that everyone is shutting down effective immediately. From a practical standpoint, it would also have made sense to stay open for one more day, giving shops and visitors 24 hours notice to sort things out, avoid the crazy rush, etc. Lots of people that bought weekend 2-day tickets now need to get in line for refunds. Request for hotel refunds will all happen at once. Rentals all need to be returned to local shops, etc. Staff need to hand in jackets, clear out lockers, etc.

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    Gov. Polis issues executive order closing all Colorado ski areas for one week
    If it's snowin' I'm goin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    And the reality is there is no safe way to do this. I went to stratton today for last licks. It was surprisingly crowded, and that plus loading lifts at half capacity resulted in big lift lines = dense crowd of people. Its exactly what we are not supposed to be doing. I drove thru the night, skied for under 3 hours, and decided it wasnt fun and that I and everyone else there were behaving selfishly and irresponsibly, and I called it a day (a season) and went home. It sucks, but there are more important things than getting the value out of your fucking quad pack.

    I ate my magic quad pack. Didnt use it once. If magic/Geoff want to extend me a courtesy that would be great and Id be very appreciative. But Im not preemptively calling them out and personally insulting Geoff the way orca did to win. Win has been a valued member of this forum and the American ski community. Have some respect you selfish prick.
    Thanks for the update. I saw the lines on the web cams yesterday and was surprised. Glad me and Mrs. decided to sit out this weekend...not like we could have gone today.

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    Butternut is closing after today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pez View Post
    Butternut is closing after today

    Honestly, not really upset. A few weeks ago I was joking because I knew school would close and we would just go hang out at our place in VT, stay safe and go skiing. Now s**t is so real, skiing is the last thing I care about and at least the FOMO is gone for skiing...because I don't have a choice.

    I have full Ikon and honestly don't care one bit about getting a refund or anything. I just hope they are able to keep paying their employees as long as reasonable.

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    haha, ya I'm actually in the process for washing and putting away my gear right now. seems like going there would be bad karma anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sull1102 View Post
    Does everyone follow suit or does say Killington keep pushing on because well they're K
    Apparently, everyone is following Vail! And for Colorado it will go past 3/22

    Executive Order by Colorado Governor - Colorado ski areas shut down indefinitely. I see that this ski area shut down trend is spreading like wildfire.

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