2020 hiking thread


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    2020 hiking thread

    NY currently stopped charging at all parks so place like lake Minnewaska
    Among 100s of place to get out side
    Just practice safe and smart in these places

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    Most NYS parks never charge over the winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiur View Post
    Most NYS parks never charge over the winter.

    I was just putting it on here so people know they can still outside activities
    And Sams point and lake Minnewaska
    Due normal charge in winter

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    All fees in state, local, and county parks are waived in New York State. For those who can safely get to a state park while practicing social distancing, consider getting outside for some much needed fresh air. ��: @taniusha.papusha via Instagram

    Announcement here�� on.ny.gov/2IWHrcS
    Parks info here�� on.ny.gov/2WqAtVw

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