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    Quote Originally Posted by andrec10 View Post

    photo link not working
    Fixed the link.

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    Folks, I have been skinning the local mountain with 2 other guys, and occasionally, we'll run into a person or two. It's real spread out here, so no worries, by and large. If it turns crowded, I haven't so much as had a cold this season, I am out of there. It doesn't look like that will be happening though.

    I just heard from a friend that "they" are closing Tuckerman's Ravine. Seems there were over 400 people there, over half of the plates were out of state, no social distancing being done, etc.... Pinkham Notch Visitor's center is closed and the rangers would find it challenging to keep up their services in the current conditions. Add to it the crowds from all over the New England region....

    I have not verified it yet. is down right now.
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    The "Earn Your Turns" Thread Spring 2020

    From this post, I’m reading it as the MWA is saying “you’re on your own, buddy”. No more avalanche or conditions reports. They’re discouraging visits without full closure of the area.

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    Just for perspective, for those who think that the forest service can't/won't close Tuck's, the forest services close "cousin", the national parks service, has closed 4 of it's marquee parks, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Yosemite, and the Smokey Mountain national parks. Many national parks have also had specific sections that tend to attract a high volume of visitors closed as well.

    People just need to actually stay home, and not seek any outdoor recreation/exercise out of the immediate (with say 10 miles or a town or 2 over) vicinity of where the live to stop the geographic spread of the virus

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    Acadia has been closed as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    Acadia has been closed as well.

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    Does anyone have a good sense for what a likely punishment looks like for trespassing on a closed park? Interested to know how big of a deterrent it could be.

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    Ski season is always too short

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    This article is a nice summary of why you shouldn't go backcountry right now.

    Skinning up Wa-Wachusett, etc... is a totally different, lower level of risk if you observe distancing and ski conservatively but anyone dropping into chutes in the Whites is just a selfish jerk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edd View Post
    From this post, I’m reading it as the MWA is saying “you’re on your own, buddy”. No more avalanche or conditions reports. They’re discouraging visits without full closure of the area.

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    From the post:

    Among the allowed activities are “leaving home for outdoor recreation” or “to get fresh air and exercise” provided that appropriate social distancing protocols are observed.

    They are not saying don't go out at all, they are saying to be smart about the social distance stuff.
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    I just checked with the White Mountains National Forest (their web page, that is) to see if hiking is still OK in that terrain. It seems to be.
    Also checked a hiking report from Sunapee - it is a NH state park for those who don't venture to NH often, not only a ski area and here's a copy of it:

    "Although the day clouded over, temps a comfortable high 40's, little wind. Views good and distant under clouds. Trail up had little snow, but patchy ice (easily avoided), and increasing mud alternating with dry stretches. Barebooting worked for us. Snow covered ski trails were an easy walk down with slight loose wet snow over hard base. Numerous skiers/boarders from summit on down ski trails.
    A fine day. good to note when Summit trail becomes so muddy that use would be damaging."

    I underlined the interesting part of that report. This is from this past Saturday. So if anyone is inclined to hike up the ski slopes for some turns, sounds like it's OK. Sunapee is no Tucks but it's fun and much less effort. Probably fewer people too.
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    Sununu should be closing the parks. Not because what is being done there is inherently conducive to spreading the virus, but because of likely unnecessary stops travelers make along the way. Rest areas, gas stations, restaurants, liquor stores etc.

    He can close the border for all I care.

    I'm going as stircrazy as the next person just walking my own neighborhood for exercise and fresh air. I'm trying to keep my grocery store visits to one trip a week. When you see stacks of dead bodies in NYC being lifted into freezer trucks with fork lifts, it's not that difficult to keep this "hardship" in perspective. I don't want that happening up here. It's unlikely it will, but it's just not worth the risk to give people enticement to travel around.

    The hope is that if everyone does their part, we can ease back to normal life at the end of April. I can only imagine what this would be like if it were July.

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