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    Quote Originally Posted by snoseek View Post
    I'm pretty sure he is sitting at home bored wondering about some new places to check out when this is over...
    Correct, trying to look forward to better times when this shit is behind us. Thanks for the info on Newmarket, spent many a nights at Chuggers during undergrad, childhood friend owned Panzanelas back then. Chuggers would draw the curtains at last call, wait it out 20 minutes, go to sunup then we would raid the walk-in at Panzanelas for breakfast beers. Despite living a few towns over we just never make newmarket anymore. Family routine is to go out every Saturday. Usually end up in Epping, Dover or Exeter. Portsmouth was our favorite but it has changed, spent a Friday downtown with the wife in February, dont even know where to go anymore.

    Johnsons is a good recommendation, always consider it but too far from anything else and always has a line, need to get in and out with the kids and usually need to run errands after. Have not been since the rebuild, hope to get there this summer.

    DHS - WDH owns the works in somersworth and runs a Parents Night Out every other Saturday, it is open to the community but you need to call a few days ahead. We go most every offering during the off season, no time during ski season. For about $35 they take the kids from 4:00 - 8:00, feed them dinner and keep them busy: arts/crafts, swimming, waterslide, bouncy house, etc.

    Thanks again, will look this thread up some time this summer and spend a night with the family in newmarket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigo View Post
    Thanks again, will look this thread up some time this summer and spend a night with the family in newmarket.
    My mistake for stepping on your toes. Hope all is well.

    Ski season is always too short

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