Who Has Bought Their 20/21 Pass Already?


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    Who Has Bought Their 20/21 Pass Already?

    Just wondering who has purchased their season pass (or multi pass) for next season already?

    If you have not, would you have purchased it by this point last season? Maybe not date specific, but by the first price increase date.

    I have NOT purchased my Ikon Pass yet and last year I had already purchased my 19/20 passes by this date.

    Honestly, I need more guidance from Ikon and their contingency plans....they have been absolutely silent. I already have the money set aside and it's not huge, but I still don't want to rip up $2,000 and toss it in the trash.

    Also, if you buy a pass and you think they'll just refund the money if there is no season you are on a different planet. It doesn't work like that. Even if they explicitly say they will refund the money....it still doesn't work like that. Ski resorts can say whatever they want but when they file bankruptcy you are at the back of the line for getting your money back.

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    I have not bought my pass and usually buy around now. I had the Epic last year, Peak before that. My reasons are a few, currently an unemployed chef our banquet business could be up in the air for a while, so debating to just buy the Epic Northeast if funds get tight and I am not going to go west. Do just buy a Epic mid-week? that is when I mostly ski to save further? Also my wife wants a pass, first time ever so I have to throw that into the mix. Leaning for the Epic Northeast. No ski season really has not entered into the equation yet, but with that the Northeast pass does sound a little better in the worst case.


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    I have not purchased yet. I am in an industry that has been clobbered by the shutdown. My company had massive layoffs. The good news is that my job is safe. The bad news is that I took a pay cut. Burke has been run extremely well under receivership, but it’s very possible that nobody will want to purchase it - especially now.

    I am taking a wait and see approach.

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    Got mine, Military pass GREAT DEAL!!

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    I have not and still thinking what to get. Ikon? Epic? Northeast Epic? Mountain Collective with an Indy pass? I am still working (Heathcare industry) as is my wife (State of NH) so at this moment income isn't an issue. I wanted to take a trip or 2 out west next season but not sure wtf is going to be happening by then. I am an optimist by still cautious about the whole situation.
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    Epic Local with the 49$ down.

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    I have not purchased Epic Northeast yet. I normally would have by now.

    The bigger spend I've held off on is a seasonal rental in Bartlett. I was just about to pull the trigger on that in early March, but saw things getting weird and decided to hold off. Now I'm taking a wait and see approach. With the rise of AirBnB and VRBO, the inventory of seasonal rentals has dropped and the prices have gone up. I'm curious to see if some owners switch back to the more conservative seasonal rental model for next year and perhaps the added inventory brings the prices down a bit.

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    We bought our Ikons. Would normally buy now anyway

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    As soon as magic passes go on sale I will be buying passes for the whole family as usual and 4 packs for a few nieces as soon as they are offered. Will buy the full Ikon Pass again but will wait until the day before the discount expires to purchase. Like others, I am afraid of not being able to go out west next year, so anticipating not getting full value out of them but I prefer to be an optometrist

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    Bought a Cranmore/BW Pass in early March. Will be buying an Epic Military once things clarify more.

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