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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    LOL that's rich.

    Since this all began, you've been just about the most bitter and confrontational member of this forum with anyone carrying a different opinion than yours regarding Covid response. Full on lawyering up

    But you're right, Edd is obviously the cranky one here.

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    Someone else is cranky too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edd View Post
    That so? I’m not taking your various liberties away. Say it with me: THE SOUTH IS WHERE ITS AT. You’re way too smart for a dumb state like VT, right?
    Typical leftist ad hominem attack. I may not be subtle, but I always employ facts rather than logical fallacies.

    Bt really it’s a distraction from how badly Democrats like Cuomo have botched this. I get the game. The playbook is old and tired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTKilarney View Post
    Typical leftist ad hominem attack. I may not be subtle, but I always employ facts rather than logical fallacies.

    Bt really it’s a distraction from how badly Democrats like Cuomo have botched this. I get the game. The playbook is old and tired.
    A. Chill on the politics


    B. You truly believe it's others who are the cranky people? Again, that's rich.

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    Actually enjoying the politics of this thread, from both sides! No matter our political affiliation or viewpoint, the key to making our great country work is communication. We need to have lots of it, especially comunication without accusatory back and forth between viewpoints. In the words of the immortal Detective Jack Webb.... "Just the facts ma'am"
    "If you ride your bike everyday...... Your going to be a better rider!"

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    Here is the latest update from Mount Ruapehu in NZ. Both areas are two of the largest (by size) resorts in NZ. While they have issues unique to NZ (NZ relies on a lot of skilled labor from Europe/North America for it's ski resorts), may give some ideas into what a 20-21 ski season here may look like.

    Firstly, we wish to thank you for your patience as we worked through the implications of Covid-19 on our financial and operational goals for winter 2020.

    We now have the green light to make some announcements on what you can expect at Mt Ruapehu this winter.

    We were able to have limited maintenance staff working on mountain preparing the ski areas when we moved to Alert Level 3, and the numbers were increased at Alert Level 2. We are now preparing to open both Turoa and Whakapapa Ski areas on 1st July 2020.

    This will be subject to snow conditions.

    There is still a lot of work to be completed to make Mt Ruapehu a safe and healthy place for our guests and staff, and obviously still some unknowns in the mix regarding Alert Levels and required protocols at time of opening.

    We have been saying for some time that winter 2020 will not look like a normal winter at Mt Ruapehu so what does this mean?

    All ticketing will be online. There will be a very limited opportunity to purchase on-site but there will be no cash on the mountain this year.  Any payments will be card only in all of our outlets including retail and food and beverage. We ask that you please jump online and purchase your lift passes before you reach the mountain, and use the Click and Collect machines on-site to collect your lift passes.

    Lift Operations

    Due to the time lost through lockdown, alongside the inability to bring in overseas expertise to work on some of our lifts, this means we will not be able to open every lift this season. Our focus has been on offering top to bottom skiing at both ski areas, with a beginner focused offering at Whakapapa’s Happy Valley.

    At Whakapapa, the following lifts will be in operation:

    •Happy Valley Carpets•Rangatira (Weekends and inclement weather days)•Sky Waka•Knoll T-Bar

    At Turoa, we will be operating:

    •Movenpick•Giant•High Noon

    The Valley T-Bar and Parklane/ Wintergarden may open later in the season dependent on demand.

    Whilst we recognize this might be some disappointing news for some of you, we had to make decisions based on a number of factors including:  top to bottom skiing, reliability of the lift, ability to complete maintenance required and length of season we get from each lift.

    As a result of not every lift operating, we anticipate that our maximum daily capacity will be lower than usual so we can still account for physical distancing and spacing on the ski area and in our cafes. We will be releasing more information on this as we get closer to the season, but do not anticipate this will have much of an impact on Season and Life Pass holders. We are also encouraging mid-week skiing as much as possible to avoid those inevitable bluebird Saturday crowds!

    First Tracks

    First Tracks will not go ahead this season. For those of you who have purchased this upgrade as part of your Season Pass, our team will be in touch regarding a credit or refund. We have listened to your feedback on this product, and whilst we still see some merit in offering a Fast Track pass first thing each morning, we will be reviewing this for 2021.

    Night Skiing

    Night Skiing was introduced at Whakapapa a few years ago, and whilst the feedback has been positive, the take up of this experience has been very low. We have decided to not proceed with it for winter 2020 due to the fickle nature of our weather and inability to offer a reliable night ski product, and the subsequent pressure this adds to our financial position. This will be reviewed again for 2021.

    Transport & Shuttles

    RAL will not be offering customer shuttles for this season. With the reduced capacity on the mountain, we see little need for a scheduled large capacity service, so will instead be recommending the local operators who can coordinate smaller numbers when the road is restricted.

    Details can be found here: Visit Ruapehu Shuttles

    Staff and employment

    Sadly, with the borders closed, we won’t be joined by our overseas ski whanau this season – so this will naturally leave some gaps in our teams. Fortunately, we have been able to retain all of our permanent and summer staff through the lockdown, and we have a great bunch of returning staff who will be able to fill some other vacancies. Anyone who had an existing application with us prior to the COVID-19 lockdown will be contacted before positions are re-advertised to reconfirm your interest in employment. There may be some gaps however, and these will be advertised on our Jobs page on the website as soon as we have confirmed our returning staff for winter 2020.

    Our permanent team have all made sacrifices through lockdown, accepting a reduction in pay and hours, in order to ensure we have a winter season and it’s important we acknowledge their continued efforts to provide a great experience on the maunga this year. It hasn’t been an easy few months for them or our company, but we’re really pleased to be able to confirm winter 2020 will go ahead and we’re looking forward to welcoming you here soon.

    We’ll have more information to announce to you over the next few weeks as we edge closer to our opening date. We’re looking forward to winter 2020 and aim to provide you with as much skiing and riding as possible across both ski areas for as many days as the weather allows.

    A heartfelt thank you for hanging in there with us, we know this has been an uncertain time for you all as pass holders at Mt Ruapehu, and we really do value your loyalty.

    Kind regards

    Jono Dean and the team at RAL

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    Glad he made a short mention about how they will try to limit any impact on season passholders. Hope that's a focus here in the US.

    As a retiree I'm not happy to hear anyone encouraging midweek skiing even if that is intuitive.

    If I can ski regularly and get somewhere near my normal season goal of 50 days I'll be happy.

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