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    Satellite imagery looks like there's already an unpaved service road that runs up Smith to Upper Trigger.

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    Google earth shows what appears to be a fairly established existing work road. In addition to motorcycle, also a large ATV culture in the area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keelhauled View Post
    Satellite imagery looks like there's already an unpaved service road that runs up Smith to Upper Trigger.
    Ah, OK. So it would be a matter of just improving that.

    And good point about the motorcycles.
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    I was impressed with Tom Day when he was at Waterville; he would be seen bussing trays in the lodge on busy days helping his kitchen workers. I believe many of his strategic efforts were hamstrung by the Booth Creek folks who were the owners back then. We own property around Gunstock now and ski there frequently. We like the "old school" feel of some of the trails and it has something of a Burke feel, and there are less "intersections" than Waterville or Loon and thus I feel like Gunstock skis bigger than the vertical would suggest. Agree about the Tiger triple; needs to be replaced by a HSQ. Winnipesaukee will always be the main draw up there in the summer but the zip lines and mountain coaster are always fun for a day or two each summer. I think an ATV-focused opportunity would be a draw there. There is not really any high end lodging up there; the closest is Meredith, so I agree a hotel might do well, although I still think the summer folks would prefer to be by the lake.

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    When I was a kid they had an alpine slide on the north slope that no longer exists

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