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Thread: Nude hiking

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    Nude hiking

    Is there any one that hikes nude? If you ran into a nude hiker would it offend you?

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    Hiking nude

    Is every body he that uptight about nudity? If you have never hike in a natural state in Nature you don`t know what you are missing!


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    you can hike my happytrail :P

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    Nude hiking

    Thanks JB,who ever you are?
    Just a little Info. as to why I hike nude! This might be worth reading.
    Go to ""

    Enjoy Nature the natural way

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    Hiking nude

    Quote Originally Posted by John
    If you have never hike in a natural state in Nature you don`t know what you are missing!
    What am I missing? Getting arrested?

    Public Indecency is illegal in New Hampshire. I'm sure most other states have similar laws. This is probably the main reason you don't see many hikers prancing around naked. Grow up.

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    Offended or upset?

    This comes up almost yearly, as mentioned below, it's illegal in NH & likely on the AT as it has National Status.

    Offended no, but since I could be leading a group of middle school students or my daughter, outraged may be more appropriate. Nude beaches in this country are kept seperate from clothing required beaches, (read segregated from the general public) How you hike on private property is your own business but if hiking out with the public, dress liek the public. Nude sunbathers do go to other beaches also, they just wear clothes when they do. Please be considerate to the rest of the hiking public when hiking on public lands.

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    Hey I have to agree with the moderator here, you really have to be "considerate". Even though I might not be offended, I would be most likely surprised by encountering a nudist on the trails! As is " What is your intention???" There are alot of cool places around where you can be a naturist or whatever - I think in general, the hikers I know are open and unconventional to different lifestyles, but seriously, you might really get a whole lot of the public very wigged out. I say "Don't do it."
    A good read: David Sedaris the book "Naked" where he experienced a nude resort. Totally hysterical.

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    Nude Hiking

    Boy 212 views and not to many replies? I guess all the hikers here are from the East? Not as excepting to Nude hiking as the hikers in the West? Is there any Western hikers here from

    Natural Hiker

    "Life`s Short Hike Naked"

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    If I came across someone hiking nude, I wouldn't necessarily be offended or annoyed. What would annoy me is the fact that some moron thinks they have to hike nude to "get in touch with nature". Puuuhhlease. I would look at it as more a sign of trying to get a rise out of people (no pun intended). :P

    The fact is, while not offensive to all, it would be offensive to some. Be considerate and mature.

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    hiking nude

    The black flies would love nude hikers!

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