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  • Yes, and I've visited some of the AlpineZone sponsors.

    7 58.33%
  • Yes, but I've never clicked on an advertisement.

    4 33.33%
  • No, and the advertising here annoys me.

    1 8.33%
  • Not sure.

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    Advertising on

    I'm curious here. I pride myself on having limited advertising on The forums only have one banner ad at the top of the pages; the Home, Skiing, and Hiking sections have the banner and a right-hand content border as described here; and the Lodging and Gear section are self-supported via commission. The site also has no obtrusive pop-up/under ads (which with the new browsers and toolbars are proving ineffective anyway nowadays).

    I hope that I've struck a balance with limited, relevant, and unobtrusive advertising which allows me to continue to run AlpineZone free of charge while developing and offering new features and services. Please participate in the poll and provide any relevant feedback in this thread.

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    No complaints -- seems to strike the right balance with me.

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    We wouldn't have our current FOT48 webhost (nor my personal sites) without me clicking through on a google ad here at the site, so rock on!


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    I find the advertising here to be what it should be. It's there, if you want to view it, but it does not overtake the screen, or take away from what this site is. I particularly like the absence of pop-ups and the deceptive ads that get you to click on them and then they take over.

    The ads are pertinet to what we do, the kind of ad I'd expect to maybe find something, on a site that deals with what I do.

    Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but it is unobtrusive enough that it is easily ignored, but it is also easily scanned, for instance, I see the ad above is a deal for Sugarbush. I now have looked twice and it's an awesome pass deal, with a link to more info. That's advertising at it's best!
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    I find the ads to be just right. I haven't clicked yet because it seems everytime I happen to look at the ad, it's for a ski resort and I don't ski. Right now the ad is for N'east magazine - Just what I don't need, another magazine in the house. I have ordered from Altrec however.
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