Date(s) Hiked:7/22/2007

Trails(s) Hiked: Breakneck Ridge Trail (White), Blue Trail back, not sure of the name

Total Distance:approx. 3.5-4 miles RT

Difficulty: Strenuous, rock scrambling for the first mile. Gentle hills afterwards.

Conditions: Nice sunny day, low humitidy, temps in the 70s

Trip Report:
Another weekend, another trip to Breakneck Ridge, loving this hike. This time we met up with YardSaleDad, who lives in the area and knows the trails real well. He showed us some new areas, one of which was an the remnants of an old dairy farm in the mountains that hasn't been operational since the 1940s.He also pointed out and aquaduct used for NYC's water supply. Did some reasearch on this afterwards, the aquaduct actually leads to a tunnel 1100 feet under the Hudson River! It's been there since the 1840s. Thanks for the tour YSD!
Along with YardSaleDad a couple of freinds (Jeff and Milagros) joined us as well. The three youngsters tried to kill us old folgies with there fast pace up Where the last two time up the hike to the top of the ridge took us something like 2-2.5 hours, this time we did it in something like 1.5 hours. Not complaining though, it was a great workout and we hope to do better next time. I'm sure we'll be up here again, but also looked at the map, plus got some suggestions from YSD on other intersting trails in the area so we may give them a chance as well.