Look NX 10 Lifter Alpine Ski Binding


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    Arrow Look NX 10 Lifter Alpine Ski Binding

    Look NX 10 Lifter Alpine Ski Binding

    Beginner to intermediate skiers step into the Look NX 10 Lifter Alpine Ski Binding for solid performance all over the mountain, and consistent release safety in the event of a nasty digger. This Look binding's 3-10 DIN rating takes you from your first turns on the hill to your first charge through the bumps or back bowls. The NX 10 Lifter puts you 10 millimeters above your ski for more control and easier turn initiation. This lightweight alpine binding makes learning ot ski easy by giving you better balance without the awkward weight at your feet to hold you down. Turn quickly and more easy with the lightweight, yet powerful Look NX 10 Lifter Alpine Ski Binding.
    Price: $39.38 (76% Off!)
    Regularly: $170.00

    Buy from Steepandcheap.com

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    Damn! This one was a bargain for the intermediate or very lightweight skier...

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    Thats what I'm talkin about... Missed it again right now it's some womens tank top . Glad I picked up some bindings already, they do seem to be similar to the ones in the picture. For 75$ a friend in CO mailed me a set of Rossi axium 200's he picked up at a shop dumping all of last seasons gear

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