What do you do with your poles on the chair?


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    What do you do with your poles on the chair?

    The new MRG Single chair thread kinda inspired this thought-provoking and truly intriguing thread idea. What do you do with your poles on the lift? Normally, I'll slip them under my right leg as I load the chair and sort of half sit on them on the way up. You?

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    Yeah, under my ass . .

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    Being relatively inexperienced, I have this weird quirky thing that I prefer an outside seat on any chairlift. Then I usually hold my poles in the outside hand kind of diagonally across my front so they're not hitting anyone, but I'm not going to drop them either. Make sense? I'm afraid of heights and for some reason, holding onto my poles well comforts me.
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    Leave them on my wrists, and let them hang.

    Im a rebal that defies the "remove pole straps" sign

    Never dropped a pole leaving them on.
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    I don't like sticking them under my legs. It can cut off the circulation, leading to tired legs and cold feet. If there is a safety bar I'll tuck them under my arm resting them on the back of the chair and the bar. I like footrests personally. A nice slow chair like MRG's is a good place to take a nap.

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    If room allows (i.e. the chair isn't full or too cramped), I put the poles under my right leg, usually slipping them under when loading. When the chair is full, logistically, this can be a pain in the but for everybody so then I just hold them together in my right hand angling right to left slightly.
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    I try to balance them on my helmet, it makes the ride go quicker, however, I do buy a lot of poles.

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    I slip them under my legs. Unlike everyone who's answered so far, I'm ambidextrous and will slip them under either leg, depending on where I am on the chair. At times, I will also, if on the end of the chair, I'll put them under my arm (again either one depending on which side of the chair) as they sit on the safety bar and the side bar of the chair.

    95% of the time they're under either leg.

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    With a full chair, I just hold them i front of me. If there's room to so do, I just put them across my lap.
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    I usually just hold them, but if I need to adjust clothing or clean goggles/glasses I'll stick em under my leg.
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