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    If you haven't been to Baxter State Park yet it's a must do. The loop that goes over Knife's Edge and Baxter Peak and back to Roaring Brook campground is 10 miles mostly difficult. Even the walk out from Chimney Pond is not steep but rocky so you never get any flat cushy ground- BUT- well worth the trip!
    The backpacking has been fun and even the hut to hut thing is an adventure. The Bond Cliffs- so far my favorite spot. I can't wait to camp at Guyot next summer and see the sunrise and sunset from Bond. There is always something to look forward to.

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    We are planning on a backpacking trip to Baxter next summer. We will probably camp for one or two nights and day hike and then do a two night backpacking trip. I've always wanted to do the knife-edge, even though I'm not a big fan of heights. I figure if I can do that, I can do anything.

    I also loved the Bonds. Unfortunately, the weather was less than ideal. The hike in was in clouds and fog and it rained all night. We were able to get a few glimpses of the surround peaks before hiking out the next day.

    I usually take a week off in June by myself and after doing the traverse, I will probably do a two or three-night trip to either the Pemi or the Presidentials. A friend and I did a four-day trip last year from Thornton (near Waterville Valley) to Mt Washington. It was a fun trip albeit wet because it rained for two of the four days. I will try to talk him into coming with me in June.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJ
    "Too long in the tooth or long in the tooth" probably comes from the mastodons or other mammals that have tusks. It basically means that you are getting on in years.

    To give up the ghost means to die. I'm not sure of the etymology of the term.
    Here is more info on Giving up the ghost and a discussion on getting Long in the tooth. Pretty cool Web site. Enjoy!
    I ski double black diamonds.

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    Thanks Greg.

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    I was at 17 when I posted on this thread last June. I've now reached 40 (thanks mostly to hiking the New Hampshire AT). Still remaining:

    12. N. Twin Mtn. 4761'
    13. Carrigain 4700'
    23. Field 4340'
    29. Willey 4285'
    33. Cabot 4170'
    37. Hale 4054'
    39. Tom 4051'
    46. Waumbek 4006'

    I'll hike North Twin (the highest of the remaining peaks) as park of Flags on the 48 in two weeks.

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    Pedxing, you can knock off Tom, Willey, and Field in one fell swoop by doing a loop. It's a nice ridge and an easy hike. Cabot and Waumbek you can also do as a loop, but it will be a long day and require a car spot.

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    RJ: Thanks. I am thinking of WIlley, Field and Tom as a day hike loop. Cabot and Waumbek might be part of a nice w/e trip?

    Carrigain might be a good place to finish (is that where you finished?), somehow I can't contemplate that hike without Vose Spur crying out to me for a bushwack.

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    Did numbers 5 and 6 this past weekend, Monroe and Washington, respectively.

    I'm saving Wildcat for the end... Gonna try and get my family to tram up to celebrate at the peak.


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    Finishing on Carrigain


    I finished on Carrigain on December 3, 1988 with about 6" of snow on the ground. It was a wonderful hike that wasn't too strenuous and allowed me to enjoy my accomplishment without being exhausted. The views were excellent. I highly recommend finishing on this one if you have the option.


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    Yay for Carragain!

    I agree, Carragain is a beautiful way to finish. The signal Ridge trail is fantastic! I finished last October on that trail/peak. So worth it. Save the bushwack for another time.

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