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    Agreed. Nothing like the feeling of being on a new trail heading up a summit that is novel.
    So many mountains, so little time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentCal
    I did finish last year and it was a great relief. I never did send in the form for the patch though. Granted I know I will eventually do them again but I'd rather not have the numbers game thrown into it. Redlining is far more interesting.
    Hey Cal (or anybody else) - can you define "redlining" for us newbies - ?? Thanks - Chill

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    On most topography maps hiking trails are in red ink. Hence hiking many/all the different trails to a summit is referred to redlining.

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    Basically hiking all the trails that you see on a map. People sometimes use a high-lighter to shade in the trails they have done. I guess that's how it got it's name. Redlining the Northern Presidentals is going to take some time......

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    I agree with you on redlining...for me far more interesting/challenging. This past Sunday…I redlined the entire Blue Hills (map). For me it meant more than the 48…even winter. Almost done with Map #2 (Franconia-Pemi AMC map). Anticipate another 4 years….hey something to do. There are other maps as well. My advice when undertaking redlining….buy two maps.


    As a kid I was lucky (cursed?) to have relatives that were into lists….esp. the 48…so I was fortunate enough to tag along and get those very early in life. The winter would come in my early 20’s. Patches….and recognition as such…never applied for such but by my math perhaps when I am 74 (37 now) I would enjoy a 48X48 patch.

    My $.02 on lists. Love them!!! My wife and I are pursuing spending at least one night in every NP in the US. A lifetime pursuit, no doubt, that has…we both believe, strengthen are relationship.

    If you are pursuing the 48…or any list, I offer this. Don’t let it affect those last minute hikes, plans with new friends or taking newbies out. I have witness people turn down some “adventures” b/c it did not coincide with their “quest”. To me at least…it goes against everything I know about the outdoors….learning and having fun!

    Did not mean to rant.


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    At the time this thread was started, I had 3: Lafayette, Lincoln, and Washington. Last fall, I decided to do the list. I'm not sure why, just a game to play, I guess. At that time, I had 13. Now I have 30. I'll soon have 41 if Peak Week (9/3-9/11) goes as planned.

    I've been to some places that I'll return to many times. I've also been to a couple that I probably don't need to see more than once. It's been fun, but I'd kind of like to get it over and done with as soon as possible.


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    At the time this thread started, I had 0. I now have 37, 32 of them this year.

    Edit as of Sept. 1st I have 45 this year, finishing up on Sept. 4th on Liberty.

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    I have bagged 24 of NH 4000 footer in just 11 weeks.

    and 6 other little peaks just for the added fun.

    In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities.
    In the expert's mind there are few.

    Shunryu Suzuki

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    My dad got me interested in hiking at the age of 3, and by 5 we did our first overnight on Liberty. After a few more peaks I asked him if we could do them all, I think I was 6 or 7 at the time, and he said sure. I finished at the age of 11, having had many memorable hikes along the way. Like the rest of you I have some favorites I return to, some I would like to do again, and some I see no need to return to. Though, if my little boy wants to climb the 48....
    You have to do the hard things in life sooner or later. -- Earl Hickey's Karma Guide

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    Most of them in the 80's, a couple in late 60's-70's.
    I'm feelin' old.....

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