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    still fighting a serious cold, have coffee and some DayQull on board...listening to the Dead on Sirius (playing in office on overhead speakers...also taps into our hold music)

    not looking forward to sitting at gymnastics for 2hrs with this cold...will have the 4yr with me too..have the portable dvd with me....

    Islander game Saturday night

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    Waiting for the clock to catch up with my brian... Let's go clock... It's the weekend already!

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    Getting ready to go out with my longest (mind you, NOT oldest!) friend for her birthday. Heading to a nearby cinema-cafe to see "Sherlock Holmes." Can't believe I've lived 15 min from this place 99% of my life and never been... Booze+food+movie on a big screen sounds alright to me!
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    im scaning through the many exciting sites found on Stumbleupon.com! great fun!!

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    sitting in the Raleigh airport watching the Ski Sundown webcam and wishing I was there instead of here.

    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    Should be working, but I'm not.
    ~ Marie
    "Decide what to be, and go be it."

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    Chillin the Queen and i are traveling tomorrow going to look at some homes couple hrs south of here near our original hometown
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    Filling in my ski log and planning the next few days of skiing.

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    Chilling at the Marriott in Farmington. Nice place. Bush - league that they charge for wi-fi.

    I am totally spent...was up at 4 to drive my students down. 5 hours door to door. Not as bad as I was expecting and there was hardly any traffic. Beautiful country out here. Spent a majority of the day driving around and visiting relatives. Looks like I might get out to do some biking tomorrow and maybe Saturday a.m. The weather is absolutely fantastic!

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    As soon as my 3pm conference call is over, I'm going to (finally) take the x-mas lights down. Spring fever hit my company hard today...

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