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    I only perused the posting, but it reminds me of my visit to Switzerland. Despite what Beswift might say, I consider your report to be great! I look forward to reading it later today when I'm not as crazy!
    Live, Ski, or Die!

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    Thanks Greg, Those pixs are great. I especially like Yann in a very tricky couloir

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    The Alps and such...

    Ftrain: Cant wait to read your TR from Chamonix.

    Highpeaks: Im working on getting some video online that makes that tricky couloir look like a bunny slope.

    back to the grind..


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    Wormly, you writing style brought me right there with you. Very descriptive!! Awesome trip report. Almost didn't need the pics, but I had to look anyways!

    Brings back memories of our trip to the Zugspitze last year.

    I gotta agree with you, while you didn't exactly say it, if anyone ever gets the chance, they oughta do it!
    lovin life,


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    Very nice Jeff! Frankly, it looks like I could hire you guys to guide me when I decide to get over to France.

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    Alps trip

    Wormly81 all I can say to your pictures is WOW!

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    Sitting by the fire on my hearth, sipping Italian wine, eating Vermont cheese and munching Canadian crackers, please allow me the liberty of adding a little anecdotal wisdom to this thread. Now, mind you, I don't want to cover the experience of the French Alps which is quite awesome indeed. I want to comment on Trip Reports. Thirty five years ago in the summer I drove across the country solo to Colorado. This was my second drive across the plains, my third trip to the Far West. I took a detour up to Madison, Wisconsin and stayed for a week or so with an acquaintance from college. I arrived in Madison a few hours after the famous riots and bombing there during the Vietnam War. The city was filled with pepper and tear gas while empty of people. My former college buddy (he had dropped out of my school, had gone to U. of Maryland and then transferred to U. of Wisconsin) was sharing a place out beyond the lake. I crashed there for a few days, and then he came up with the idea of going camping for a while in the Apostle Islands up on Lake Superior. For your information there is skiing there with a lift service area named Mt. Ashwebay. The winter snows are heavy and it is pretty rugged country. However, this guy was the type of guy who wiped his dog's ass (that's the truth). Most of his life was spent in Washington, D.C., and little of it was spent in the outdoors. He figured that since I was his guest and had some solid back country experience, he would do something different relying on me. The drive up through the north country of Wisconsin went well. However, as soon as we started to rough it, he started to complain. For three days it didn't stop. His dog, believe it or not, was also a terrible companion in the woods. When we pitched our tent and hit the sack, it didn't stop whinning outside. This was summer, mind you, cool but bearable. The dog was afraid of the dark!!! It was one of those big white Japanese or Siberian dogs, too. Nevertheless, after three days of this, we returned to Madison. Lo and Behold, immediately upon arriving in that fair city and meeting up with this guy's friends, I heard him declare he had a wonderful time!!! He couldn't stop gushing about what an incrediblely good experience he had!!! Thank God he didn't take a Camera with him. That would have been too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beswift
    I want to comment on Trip Reports

    Hey beswift - is there a comment or critique of Trip Reports in that story somewhere? If not, thanks for sharing......

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