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  1. #21 you've made alot of progress so far.

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    Great job skibum9995. Are are going to get to Harper's Ferry for trail Days? Beer is cheap in Duncannon, PA too!
    Happy Trails, be safe & Good Luck
    Mike P.

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    I am currently in Waynesboro, VA, 850.5 miles into the trip. The weather has been hot lately, but is cooling down a bit. I will be entering Shenandoah National Park tomorrow. It will be nice to hike on some easier terrain after a tough week full of big climbs. I should be out of Virginia in just under a week and am gearing up for the four state challenge from the Virginia - West Virginia Border to the Maryland - Pennsylvania border covering 43.5 miles. After that it will be PA for a few weeks. I'm having tons of fun and trying to beat the heat.

    Pictures will be up shortly.

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    Pics are up now. I didn't go through all of them so there are repeats and bad shots, but its better than nothing.

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    Sweet pix, dude! Did that poor motel room ever recover?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelJ View Post
    Sweet pix, dude! Did that poor motel room ever recover?
    Doubtful, that was night 1 of 8 in a row in motel rooms. Friends of the guys I'm hiking with came down to visit and when they left my parents and brother came down so its been a nice stretch of polls and town food. Back into the woods in a few hours though.

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    Very nice pics! I'm soo jealous, I wanna quit my job a go do the AT! Ya, like that's gonna happen.

    So what kind of snakes were those? I'd be a little leary of them..... That was quite interesting, the snake eating the mouse....

    Looks like your having a good trip, keep it up!

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    1 Eastern Diamond Rattler, 2 Copperheads, and the long one is a Black Snake which isn't poisonous.

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    Cool pix! Some of those early VA pics look almost western.
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    Nice job man, keep it up.

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