HQ MTB video from Attitash


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    HQ MTB video from Attitash


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    Are you in the video?

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    Looks totally sick...Pretty sure I would kill myself if I did that.
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    Sick video and rad footage. Those guys in the vid have way more talent than I will ever have and the fork footage was sweet. My only complaint however, is that most of the footage seemed to be sped up a little bit. Like with skiing footage, MTB footage looks a lot slower on video than it "feels" when riding, but I would like to see this at a regular rate. Those guys' riding talent should speak for itself without any slick editing.

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    Cool video, looks like fun fun trails there. Is it just me or is the guy on the red bike riding a HT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALLSKIING View Post
    Looks totally sick...Pretty sure I would kill myself if I did that.
    No kidding!

    Still, cool to watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    Are you in the video?
    Negative on that!!! I'm way to old at this point in my life to be one of those "man/boys" depicted in the video.Regardless, I'm jealous!

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    On a side note:

    The gentleman (Tom Guilmette) who filmed the MTB video linked above from attitash has posted some other amazing HD quality movies on Vimeo.com.....


    Of these movies, this one explains alot....

    Hopefully you have the technology to view these movies as they were meant to be viewed.

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    He was on a Banshee Morphine I think. Looks like the rental bikes are Sinister R9s (sweet), but in gerneral, I really don't dig the DH thing. I love descending, but I love the climbing too. Same as skiing.
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    A few of my friends are in that movie. It was meant as a quick promo for Attitash, rental bikes are not R9's. It's too bad that they over did it on the sped-up footage but it is still pretty good overall. Fun trails.

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