A few of us hit up Nepaug this mornig, despite the wet weather we've been having. The trails weren't too bad as far as mud, but the fire roads were pretty wet (lots of big puddles). The actual trails did have plenty of wet, slick roots though. I did my best to show the crew around, only having to turn around a few times. There was a lot of logging going on, which caused us to have to change our routes a few times due to existing trails being impassable. We hit some pretty cool trails and I think everyone had a good time. I'll definitely have to do some more exploring there to get a better idea of the trails. There were some wipe outs, but everyone rode away without any problems. Greg caught some video, can't wait to see it. This is shaping up to be a pretty good AZ CT MTB crew, we'll definitely have to do more rides.

powhunter, johnnypoach, Greg, Mr.Evil, jeff03, and I all rode for several hours together.