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    [Originally posted by Mike_P]:

    Backpacker, Peakbagger, Dayhiker or other.

    Do you often go out for days at a time just to be out?

    Do your trips vary in length (some one day others two or more) but focus on getting to the top of one or several mountains

    Do your trips just last most of one day & may or may not focus on reaching the top of a mountain?

    I'd call myslef a peakbagger.

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    I consider myself to be a chump. I am a foul mouth braggart who prefers a flame war over civil conversation.

    This site sucks.

    buddah bear

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    Dude - what are you talking about!? This site is one of the better ones out there for hiking in the northeast. Have you even looked aorund?

    Nighthawk - New Haven, Conn.

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    Don't bother trying to understand buddah bear's childish comment. He belongs to a B/B called TT, which is frequented by losers and ********, who don't actually hike. If you read their comments, very few if any discussions pertain to hiking. The page is a farce with no redeeming qualities.

    <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: Administrator on 2001-07-19 15:50 ]</font>

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    Hi guys - Had to edit the above post...please try to keep it clean. And in Trail Talk's defense, yes there are some off-topic discussions, but there are also a lot of threads relevant to backpacking, so don't discount it entirely. There is some very good information there.

    However, I've seen a fair number of flame wars there too. I've even been in a few.

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    People ask me all of the time why I hike and I really do not know. My co workers think I am a health and fitness fanatic. I guess I just like the solitude of the woods. Maybe I am rebelling against the overdevelopement of my community. Maybe I just want to be opposite of everyone else.

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    Hmmm.... how would I categorize myself?

    Slow and steady outta shape dayhike to long weekend backpacker... wanna be peakbagger... but can't climb fast enoough for the more ambitious destinations.

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    The person who posted the inflamitory remark, posing as me, was in fact not me. Greg, I sent you an email under the name of Jay earlier in the week, and Buddha is not spelled Buddah. Best of luck with your message board.

    The real Buddha Bear aka Jay D.

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    I agree Trail Talk at has got to be the lamest discussion board supposedly about outdoor talk. Basically, that site is a refuge for people who have been banned from other more mature spots and judging by their content, most of the regular posters there are either posers or children. Most of them wouldn't know a backpack if it landed on their heads. In fact the closest thing they have to anyone with knowledge about the backcountry is an aging old hippie who spends most of her time hawking her lama outfitting trips, T-shirts, and cook book there.

    I wish AlpineZone success in its endeavor to bring mature discussion on outdoors topics and specifically on this one. Don't let a few bad apples from other sites spoil your fun here. I like the design of this site and will probably register and contribute here as the content and number of contributors improve.


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    I'm fairly new to message forums. I post on TrailTalk and like it there. Have recently begun preparing to start backpacking. Hiking has always been a favorite activity. I admit that I have no expertise to offer this forum, and I do ask a lot of questions. Sorry if that annoys some people. I'm married with two elementary school age kids, and am a girl scout leader.

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