Nassahegan, Burlington, CT - June 19th 2008


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    Nassahegan, Burlington, CT - June 19th 2008

    Nice ride tonight. Only me second time there and my first starting from Lamson's corner.

    The plan was to meet up with Greg and 03jeff at around 6:15. I rolled into the parking lot at around 6:00 and chowed down on my ultra nutritious chicken sandwich from BK. Just as I was finishing that Jeff pulled in, awesome, off to a good early start so far. What I didn't realize was that I didn't get much cell reception there. So... I didn't end up getting the message from Greg saying that he had to back out because of 'cat issues' until about 6:45 or so. No matter, still plenty of light left to do some exploring.

    We headed off down a trail that we saw another group disappear into a little bit earlier. What we found was some fun single track that was really twisty and turny and tight (at least by my big framed standards). I swear the trails must have been built by little people on short bikes. The looped back to the road and continued across to find more similar single track. We followed that and eventually met up a guy going the other direction who gave us many directions on where to go, unfortunately neither of us paid enough attention and ended back at the cars fairly quickly after crossing East Chippen's Hill Road twice. There we met up with the same guy who told us about more trails that led off from the area that we started in. We decided to try that route out, figuring there was more than enough daylight being it was only 7:25 at that point. The trail we rode was fun with some technical features and some short climbs. We rode that out to the Blue trail and then out to route 69 which we followed back to the cars since there wasn't enough daylight left for us to pick our way back through the woods.

    I only had one really crash (along with several shoulder checks with trees ) where I went down pretty hard to my right side. I bent my derailer hanger and possible the dreailer itself up a bit, but nothing a little trail side straightening couldn't fix. The funny thing was that as I was going down I realized that I was doing exactly what MR.Evil had warned me to stop doing, I put my hand out to brace my fall. I feel like an idiot because my hand ended up smacking a rock and now it hurts to move my thumb.

    Thanks for riding with me Jeff, I hope I didn't hold you up in too many sections where I just couldn't seem to get into the rhythm. I'll definitely be going back there to do some more exploring.
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