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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
    What happens at Nassahegan, STAYS at Nassahegan!!!!!!!

    I think ‘Don't ask, Don't tell’ is more appropriate for this situation

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR. evil View Post
    Last night during one of our breaks Brian, Jeff and I were talking about doing a 4 plus hour epic ride at Nass some Sunday morning. We were thinking sometime in September.
    I'm in. After all this TRs I really need to get down to Nass.

    So September is looking pretty booked, huh? One Sunday at Batchlor St, another in Lynn Woods, and one in Nass? Sounds good to me, I should be able to do all three.

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    Not that anyone cares at this late date, but it looks like my GPS was indeed on for this one. Here's the Crankfire map:

    I ski double black diamonds.

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