My wife and I were able to get away from the kids for a while today. What better thing to do on a beautiful 70 degree day than go for a MTB ride. We got going about 2 hours later than originally planned due to pure laziness and an emergency bike repair that I caught just before leaving. As we were getting ready at the trail head a pretty weary rider came out and advised to be careful as it was very wet and slippery in there. We started with the typical twisties north of scoville before heading across to the twisties south of scoville. There were some more softer spots than usual, but nothing especially slippery, I think that a lot of it dried out by the time we got in there after noon. I noticed that someone did some nice trail work on the ending part of the latter section just before hitting east chippens, in the section that's almost always wet. They did some rock armoring of some of the real muddy parts and put in a braid block or two. We headed across east chippens and did all of b-street this time before doubling back on the main trail and taking the quicker way back to the car. My wife continued to progress and handled several obstacles without incident.

I did a quick solo jaunt across into the cemetery twisties to see if my latest repair attempts were successful. It appears so as I didn't have any problems. The repair that I preformed right before leaving was to clean, reassemble, and readjust my rear hub as it had loosened up and I believe was the main cause of my problems.