Question for those familiar with Catamount


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    Question for those familiar with Catamount

    If I finish a run near the base of the Meadows Triple chair and want to head over to the Summit Chair, is there a lot of "polling" involved, or will a decent head of steam get me there? The map seems to imply it's some distance, but it's probably not drawn to scale.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If I recall it's doable with a head of steam and maybe some minor polling at end. I believe the summit chair is slightly downhill of the traverse once you get past the lodge.

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    I usually can't make it from Meadows to Ridge without poling, and I take it pretty fast. There are usually too many people to try to avoid to go at full speed, and you have to go uphill a little bit to reach the liftline of Ridge. I recommend taking the Catamount double to take a run over to the Ridge Quad, as those two are farther apart than it looks.

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