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    65%skis35boarders right there your theory doesn’t work not everyone is an expert so. Who cares ,people pay for it. you sound like a snobby old skier

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    if its not groomed. im doomed!!!!:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk View Post
    Yes drjeff is right. The type of skiers that cut the initial turns make the start and other follow and build the bumps. The initial bumps on Castlerock are formed in all natural uncompacted snow. They are formed from usually expert skiers that hiked over. They make tighter turns and the bumps form tighter. Once you groom them down and the lift is running, all kinds of different types of skiers are introduced the pattern changes to wider turns so bigger bumps. Also the groomed noe compacted snow does not cu the same and that little bit of new snow on top is not enough to make new ones the same way. I will say once again. Go to Mad River and see the difference on Catamount bowl, Chute or Fall Line. There is a difference. You will never convince me otherwise.
    Can you really compare the moguls at Sugarbush with those at Madriver? I would think snowboarders have a major impact on the quality of bumps and how they form. Especially as they get larger.

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    Maybe it’s just me, but i don’t see many boarders on castlerock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HowieT2 View Post
    Maybe it’s just me, but i don’t see many boarders on castlerock.
    I'd agree. If I had to take an educated guess based on what I've seen, I'd say only 5-10% of the traffic on CR is boarders. That may even be a high estimate. So even if they did have an impact on mogul formation (not saying they do as I've known some boarders that could zipper bumps better than most skiers), the impact would be so minimal just due to the low volume on the trails on CR.

    I'd be somewhat curious what some of the MRG people think about grooming moguls and the impact it has. There are a handful of trails at MRG that only see a groomer once in a while and then rebump up (Canyon/Grand Canyon, top of Quacky). How is the quality of those bumps when they reform?

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    Snowboarders are the Problem. Bumps started to change shape when the ski companies started changing the shape of skis. They were copying the shapes of snowboards to make skiing more fun. This in turn changed the shape of moguls.

    I was an alpine skier from 1976 - 1982. In 82 I started telemarking and raced that circuit for years and spent a lot of time at MRG. In 1994 I started snowboarding and have never looked back. Now I only ride MRG early season on hikes. When I talk to my old tele friends, they complain the bumps are no longer as good as they used to be. It's not the snowboarders, it's the skis themselves.

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    Wow, this morphed a bit. My opinion on snow boarders is that good snow boarders can ski bumps just fine. Also I will agree that a good majority of boarders skip the bumps. I do not see a huge impact from snowboarders over at Castlerock. This conversation always brings wide differing opinions. I spend about a 1/3 of my typical ski day at Castlerock on a usual ski weekend. I stand by what I said previously and disagree totally that grooming makes better bumps in the long run. But the mountain will do what it sees best for the whole and whatever is said here has little to no impact on their plan. I guess I will be seeing more of my intermediate friends in the line at castlerock.

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    They will groom and the bumps will come back pretty much the same as they are now. Enjoy the GS turns while you can.
    If ya can't ski 'em, then you better look at yourself, 'cause there are folks out there rocking them, as is!
    On skis and boards!!!

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    I have to agree with Shredmonkey, its the new shapes of skis that have allowed many more types of skiers to tackle more types of terrain. So have shaped skis and poor turn types creating larger more spread out bumps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STREETSKIER View Post
    65%skis35boarders right there your theory doesn’t work not everyone is an expert so. Who cares ,people pay for it. you sound like a snobby old skier
    No need to get defensive. It's just an observation. Nothing to do with Castle Rock or Sugarbush. My home mountain seeds a lot of bumps and I've seen it first hand. A weird asymmetry between right and left troughs on some steep lines that made complete sense after watching some boarders ride them. It's a lot harder to make wide curving troughs with your toe edge, since it involves turning your back to the fall-line or twisting in a very unnatural way. It's much easier to swoop out the tail of a board when turning on your heel edge and facing downhill. I'm not saying this happens often - conditions and traffic have to be right and the bumps have to be pretty immature and soft. I've seen may share of boarders who can rip bumps. And I fully agree with those in the thread who noted that shaped skis have had much more of an impact on how natural bumps have changed over the past 20-25 years than boarders. But the idea that board traffic will create the same kind of bump lines as skier traffic when the mechanics of the two are so different - well, I'm not convinced.

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    FWIW i'm a 20+ year boarder who lives in the bumps Middle Earth, Lift Line and Paradise are where you'll find me 75% of the time. I admit to tearing the head off of moguls if I get into a bit of trouble - I always make a silent apology to my fellow skiers/riders

    With that said, if any of the boarders on this thread can recommend a new board for me i'm all ears! Alpine Options just called and said my board is toast and no longer tune-able. Not a surprise as I've had it 5 years or so. I'm going to stop in to Splinters Sat am and try out a couple of demos. Sounds like they have nice selection.

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