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    Quote Originally Posted by WWF-VT View Post
    I did go fishing in the Mad River early in the morning each day (15 trout!)
    Pardon my ignorance, I've only down this out west -- what do we have in the MRV, brookies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LasersInTheTaiga View Post
    Pardon my ignorance, I've only down this out west -- what do we have in the MRV, brookies?
    Mostly stocked rainbows, some brook trout and for all the times I have fished in the Mad River I have only caught 2 brown trout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    You should and help out that economy you are worried about.

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    I would be happy to support the local economy if I am welcome to spend money in any of the local establishments. However if I am to follow the guidelines of the state of VT, I need to come with my own supplies and stay in my house. This is selfish?

    Sorry, I don't get your logic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slatham View Post
    What I think you are arguing, and this data supports, is that lifting the lockdown has not resulted in a spike in cases and increase in R0. That would argue for those States that are being too slow in opening to accelerate the process. I hope this trend continues.
    That's precisely what I've been stating.

    Though as to your first part, I'm not even sure the initial lockdowns in non-hotspot areas helped much. It's very difficult to compare as you note, but there are some states like South Dakota that did virtually nothing other than close schools & dial back large gatherings which are not having any COVID19 problems.
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    I went Thursday night and came back Saturday night. We shut down the heat, put all our ski gear away, spring cleaned, grabbed all the booze, pantry items and freezer stuff. Enough for about 3 weeks I bet! We did all the right things so I am not going in details on how safe we were. I will say this, There are large numbers of the local residents that think it is over and do not social distance or wear masks. I saw this all over as I drove around and heard it in conversations with people up here. With tourist season coming it will be interesting to see if the number go up.

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    another good thread ruined.

    Good Work AZ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmywilson69 View Post
    another good thread ruined.

    Good Work AZ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottySkis View Post
    Yeah, this has been an amazing thread, going strong since 2005 with 8,296 replies. Let's keep it going in a positive way.

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    Sorry. Back to the regularly scheduled program.

    FYI, the mountain bike trails are in the best shape for May I have ever seen. Usually it is a total mud bath. We did Revolution, Evolution, decapitator to Swell hill and then down plumb line and there was basically no real mud. They have done a fine job up there.

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    I understand that these are difficult times for many, and I hope this email is reaching you in a place where you are healthy and safe, and hanging in there during this new daily life. We think of everyone in our community every day and wonder how folks are doing. We miss you and truly hope you are well. Unfortunately, I have made the hard decision, with input from Sugarbush Resort and the support of the Vermont Adaptive Board of Directors, to postpone the construction of our new adaptive sports center at Mt. Ellen at Sugarbush until Spring 2021. While it is disappointing to be delayed, I believe this is the right and prudent decision now, given the many variables and open-ended questions about our ever-changing environment during this Coronavirus pandemic. Thoughtful consideration went into this decision including:
    • In April, Vermont Adaptive learned it had the green light from Sugarbush to proceed with the build of the facility, pending approval of all permits and only if working in compliance with the State of Vermont Stay Home Stay Safe orders from the governor.
    • On May 1, given the CDC predictions that a second wave of COVID-19 could hit in the Fall, potentially shutting down construction projects indefinitely, Win Smith and the Sugarbush Resort Leadership Team suggested a delay due to the construction project’s timeline of seven months to completion.
    • Because the new building includes renovations to the existing bathrooms, dining services, and locker rooms in the Mt. Ellen base lodge, the construction must be completed, and a certificate of occupancy must be obtained, one month prior to opening day at Mt. Ellen next season.
    • While the builder on the project feels this timeline is possible, it cannot be guaranteed in the event that the State of Vermont orders another shut down. There are just too many variables.

    I am confident in this decision. We will continue to move forward and build a stronger rapport with Alterra Mountain Co. and the Sugarbush team, as well as fundraise and secure in-kind donations in the meantime. Most permits have been approved and all should be complete within the next 60 days. We will get extensions on these permits for the new build timeline. Fundraising Update
    Thus far we have raised approximately $1.5 million in cash and in-kind donations and will continue to raise funds for the facility and a sustainability fund. Jenn Rand, our Director of Development, is working closely with a small committee to develop new ideas and strategies for raising the remaining funds needed. If you can help, please be in touch with her at In-Kind Donations
    Jeff Alexander, our Director of Strategic Partnerships, has been working to secure in-kind donations of building materials and labor. He is working closely with Naylor and Breen Builders to establish relationships with their extensive network of suppliers and contractors. He has obtained in-kind commitments from window and flooring suppliers, as well as an office furniture outfitter. This will help off-set the actual cash in hand we need to raise. If you have any leads, please reach out to Jeff at We look forward to keeping up the momentum because this is absolutely a necessity for our growing programs and will make a difference for all our participants and the Vermont Adaptive community. Most of all, thank you. Your unwavering support of our mission and what we do for our athletes and participants is not taken for granted. We couldn’t do what we do – and serve this important community – without you. Thank you again for your donation and support. Please reach out if you have any questions.
    Erin Fernandez
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    Sugarbush skier since 1985.........Think Snow!

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