Midweek skiing at mega pass resorts


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    Midweek skiing at mega pass resorts

    Midweek skiers can you tell me if your local hill has changed volume wise. I realize weekends and holidays are a shitshow but I mostly ski midweek and would be skiing smaller areas on the few times I did go weekends. I really like chill midweek skiing.

    Has wildcat stayed mostly the same? How about killington or sugarbush?

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    There’s been an uptick at Wildcat. Nothing crazy. A bartender there told me she’s seen a lot of unfamiliar faces this season.

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    I primarily ski at Killington Thursdays/Fridays peak season late December-mid-March. They say "Friday is the new Saturday" but I disagree. Trails are more populated but they run their full slate of weekend lifts (Needle's Eye, Bear, Canyon, North Ridge, South Ridge) so lift lines are non-existent and personally I'm fine with slightly more busy main trails if it means better access to the Canyon, South Ridge, Needle's, and Bear. Thursdays are as dead as always.
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    4 trips and 16 days (all Mondays - Thurs) at Stowe so far this year. No lines and empty slopes. Have 2 more Stowe trips booked. Epic pass has been a great investment.

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    The past week was on the busy side though. And the coming week is VT/NH school break. So it maybe a little busier?

    I’m just seeing a slightly tighter lodging and elevated price.

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    Midweek remains the best option for low volume skiing.

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