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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    Just a guess, but I would assume it's because they feel they have the product priced at a level that's most profitable for them.

    Let's be honest. They've got 5 high speed quads. They have to operate 9 lifts, two base areas and provide ski patrol and staffing to operate all that at minimum when fully operational. It takes a lot of revenue to do all that. You could reduce snowmaking and save some operating costs, but the price could never be workable dropping to say a Jay/Smuggs level. The decision to do that would be based on increasing volume considerably. That would result in all of that terrain skiing with less snowmaking having much poorer conditions, which ultimately would drive those volume gains away.
    That is a very good point that is overlooked here. Sugarbush is substantially cheaper for an adult pass than Stowe. It is not trying to be in their price league, IMO, it is just solidly a tier below that (and still more expensive than many areas, e.g. smuggs). They go for a slightly upscale resorty feel that still has a laid back, MRV vibe. I think it is a great product for those who want that and clearly there are families and individuals alike who want that kind of resorty + natural blend. I think reducing costs isn't in the cards for them unless they do something crazy like privatize Mt. Ellen.

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    SkiMRV is finally up & running again


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    As you can probably tell, I'm also a Sugarbush long timer and the one other thing that SB has going for it is Mad River Glen. The Valley has so much variety to offer that I'm willing to endure the short term lack of early season terrain or snow making that might not equal Stowe's.

    By the end of winter I'm usually plenty satisfied with my days on the slopes skiing incredible back and side country terrain at 3 distinctly different types of areas.

    If i need an alternative there are lots of other areas in the northeast within a reasonable drive to pique my interest for a day or two.

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    If I did not have all the ties and were not located with such easy access to the Whites,the MRV would be my second home.

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    Can't imagine they will have any water problems judging by the amount of water flowing past Montpelier in the Winooski River. Highest I've seen it in a long time.

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    Today's snow report starts with "After a good snowmaking pond-filling rain last night"...

    Can't believe the old joke about the rain filling the snowmaking ponds is actually real this year.

    At least they have water for now. Hope they put it to good use

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    Looks like its getting close to an inch of fresh at Heaven's Gate so far this evening. I hate how it builds up in front of the ruler, so hard to tell whats actually falling but looks like it might be near an inch.


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    Looking at the guage in Moretown it looks like it went up just over 2' so they were able to open the high flow intake gate which fills the pond quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbler View Post
    Looking at the guage in Moretown it looks like it went up just over 2' so they were able to open the high flow intake gate which fills the pond quickly.
    Awesome news! looks like a solid couple inches now.


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    I asked Win this and hopefully he will respond, but man I got excited to see 9 trails open on the snow report today. I figured with the new snowfall that something must've opened (maybe Spillsville, Ripcord, or whatever)! More terrain! Only to have my heart ripped out when I scrolled the trail listing to find 5 of the 9 trails are "open" at the mountain that "doesn't open" for another 3 weeks.

    I have no problem with trails that are reserved for race training during the season but when over 50% of your open trails are somewhere that doesn't open to the public for a couple weeks...ehhh.

    Anyone ski today? How was it? Have to decide Stowe or Sugarbush tomorrow.

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