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    the weds-thurs storm that was just a little guy is now a big guy. sat-sun remains a big guy. it could get good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    i wasn't going to post this, but your post commending sugarbush lifties made this more apropos...

    i had a different experience with sugarbush lifties the weekend before last. mainly, they werent cleaning the half inch of snow off of any of the chairs. this was on gmx, and the small lift by the park, at mt ellen. so each time i took the chair, i had to kind of anticipate it and brush the snow off so the back of my legs wouldnt freeze. not a big deal, and not even worth posting but for your post.
    I had the same thing at VH that weekend while three lifties sat outside. One eventually got a broom and did a tiny bit of clearing. The other was on that Sunday seats were coming into Bravo flipped up from the wind that the liftie wasn't paying attention to. The chair is slow enough through the terminal that we could flip it down before sitting. No biggie.

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    not flipping the seats down kind of is a biggie. you were aware, but plenty of people arent, and that could really fuck you up. i was pretty unimpressed with the lifties when i was there. i get it, its a peanuts hourly wage, generally being worked by a south american kid on a work visa, but these are the employees who guests interact with the most. they weren't friendly (not a big deal), but they also werent doing the basic tasks of their job (bigger deal). they just sat inside every time i saw them. one of them was constantly scanning the ipad. so they are looking for pass poachers but dont care to clean the chairs or flip down the seats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scruffy View Post
    Wow... I skied the Mall last Tues, and Wed. They lost a lot. Hoping for a quick recovery,
    Shocking. You could see it happen over the weekend on the webcams. Hopefully we're past it for now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    the weds-thurs storm that was just a little guy is now a big guy. sat-sun remains a big guy. it could get good.
    I am seeing the predicted snow totals retreating a bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orca View Post
    I am seeing the predicted snow totals retreating a bit
    Sugarbush is now forecast to 2-4" Wednesday night and 3-7" during the day on Thursday, while they are only supposed to get 2-6" now on Saturday night. Thursday will be the better powder day, except that there isn't much of a base for the natural trails.

    But we're still a few days out. Those numbers could go back up, or they could keep going down. Who knows.

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    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    What happened to roger ? Haven’t seen him in a while ?

    Big dust on crust holiday weekend the base is like early November Will there be hiking to castle rock? Can’t see how ,but this year standards are really low
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    if its not groomed. im doomed!!!!:

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    Thanks for the report ducky!

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    Improving conditions. Today's groomers were pretty nice if a bit glazed down low. Got warm and sticky below 2000' by lunchtime. Mountain Ops have been resurfacing but stopped due to temps and guns are set up all over inc Murphy's, Birdland, Jester, Lower OG just waiting for the super cold coming Friday, if not sooner. We'll get a few inches tonight and more during the day Thursday. Optimistic.

    This pic looking up Birdland around 1:00.


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    Question for Win - were blazer groups asked to refrain or cut back on using ski school lanes at the lifts? Were there complaints?

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