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    Quote Originally Posted by Eski View Post
    Ha, I'm not an expert by any means and never claimed to be cool either, so your perceptions are already suspect ... I'm also not trying to pick on you, feel as offended as you want, but there's a time when common sense should be the priority, I'm just pointing out the obvious

    perhaps you had no business taking the quad to the top in the first place ... you know that mountain well enough to know where the Belt is, there's no 'missing it' and there is no 'easy' way down ... you also know the Belt is not beginner terrain ... just like rehab, she's got to take baby steps ... nothing tougher than trying to remove the fear from someone, worse yet is to be the one responsible for instilling it ... carry on
    Eski, one last thing and this is my last remark for you. Next time you see me, make like you don't know, cause it's quite obvious, you don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyzee View Post
    Eski, one last thing and this is my last remark for you. Next time you see me, make like you don't know, cause it's quite obvious, you don't.
    well then, I'll quote something from someone else that comes off as clueless ..... "you betcha"

    time to ski

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    Do you know this guy and his wife? If not, you jumped all over him & lectured him like he was 15 years old. Way out of line if you dont know these people. I assume you only did it because you thought they skied a closed run @ your precious mountain, & not because you actually gave a shit about him or his wife.

    I dont know you sure as hell wouldnt see me talking down to someone about theyre choice of trails skied, let alone how to help his wife.....your comments are ODD. ???

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    Not surprisingly Hunter looks good from the pics. They really know how to lay down a ton of snow in a short time!

    Sorry to hear about Vee's mental hold back Andy. Ease her back into it, I'm sure she'll get back into the swing of things soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Sullivan View Post
    Impressive pics, Hunter always has been a snow-making powerhouse.
    Their commercials in the 80's used to say they were "The Snowmaking Capital of the World!"

    1977-1986: 40-50 days total
    1987-2005: 0 days
    2005/2006: 3 days
    2006/2007: 26 days
    2007/2008: 39 days
    2008/2009: 36 days
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    2010/2011: 36 days
    2011/2012: 34 days
    2012/2013: 9 days (injury)
    2013/2014: 10 Days
    2014/2015: 20 Days
    2015/2016: 18 Days
    2016/2017: 22 Days
    2017/2018: 23 Days
    2018/2019: 34 Days

    2019/2020 Season:

    Belleayre: 11/29
    Mountain Creek: 11/16, 11/23, 12/1
    Mt Peter: 12/8


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