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I saw lots of people riding on the Kanc and Bear Notch road on Saturday morning on my way to Mt. Carrigain.

I don't road ride. I would rather hit a tree than be hit by a car.
Bear Notch Rd is a nice climb. Not too steep, but still a decent workout. Crawford Notch on the other hand... Ouch!

Other nice rides are the climb up Sugar Hill near Franconia Notch (beautiful roads, no cars) and a loop around Martha's Vineyard (50 miles, mostly flat, bikes allowed on the ferry for short money).

I know what you mean about being hit by a car. With traffic greatly increasing near my place, I've given up road riding after I found I couldn't relax because I was trying to stay so focused and aware of the passing traffic. I'd come home more tense and wound up than when I left. And people on motorcycles think they get it bad, I swear people actually AIM for you when you're on a bicycle.