Microsoft Wipes Apple off the Map


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    Microsoft Wipes Apple off the Map,2933,163647,00.html


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    Heh- I'm sure it was purely an accident.

    Pretty funny, though. Have to wonder how high up the chain that went. Low-level programmer saw the two pictures, showed them to his buddy in the cafeteria, who told his manager, who stole the idea and went to his manager, who mentioned it a board meeting, everyone got a good chuckle, he got a bonus, and the programmer got fired for taking too long at lunch.
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    And the war rages on....

    Bill's just mad because he missed the boat on the iPod revolution.

    Sony will be wiped off the maps next for coming out with that PSP.
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    That's funny.
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    lol, nice one. since apple has gone to intel and has a windows environment available, bill gates might as well have literally wiped apple off the map. today's PCs even keep up with apple on their previous multimedia specialties. as much as i am not a fan of microsoft as a company, i like apple even less. at least steve jobs was original though instead of stealing, oops, i mean buying out all the company's ideas.
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    apple vs microsoft

    Here is a timeline in the windows vs apple war

    I remember when Gates purchased 150 million in Apple stock and invested another 150 million in Apple. Crazy!

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