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    Quote Originally Posted by highpeaksdrifter View Post
    This guy makes it look easy. Unreal.


    I think that was because he left his lunchbox at the top
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    lol @ premise of thread

    I mean we are talking traveling at 3mph vs 80mph+ !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcski View Post
    6.5 year bump, eh, Nick?

    I do agree with you. IMHO, skiing is in an entirely different league.
    I can't even remember how the hell I found this thread.
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    Hiking is just a means to an end. That is to say either to ski back down or get in better shape to ski or to scope backcountry turns. Any way you look at it you're outside.

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    I do both. I also snowshoe. Hiking is a cheap way to get out and about and enjoy the outdoors. I especially like steep uphills and rock scrambling. It's a great way to stay in shape and I like to combine it with camping.

    I tend to hike in spring, fall and early winter. Winter is skiing and summer is for kayaking/biking.

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    hiking is better than skiing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rrrricky View Post
    hiking is better than skiing
    Hiking/skiing is better than hiking

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    I've done quite a bit of hiking this winter and no skiing yet. Hoping to change that next weekend.
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    For me it's all good but to each its time...and now is for skiing. Would never get the DW out for climbing mountains in the wintertime anyway.

    The DW did mention hiking to Tuckerman in the spring but I'd have a hard time watching others ski and not give it a try myself. I know the top is steep but if I'm in the right shape for the hike can one ski at least part of it if the steeper sections are above one's ability to ski safely?

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