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    Killington is blowing snow on Outer Limits now. In my 25+ years at Killington, Outer Limits has seen January openings maybe one year out of three. This isn't all that unusual. When you have a thaw for Christmas week, all the snowmaking capacity gets diverted to resurface the existing terrain. That's been standard operating procedure at Killington forever.

    Superstar and Conclusion were freakin' excellent yesterday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powbmps View Post
    Was it open 12/23? I know it opened for the afternoon of 12/21, but was closed on 12/22. Even thought it could have been opened no problem. It was totally covered.
    I took that picture after riding down it on 12/23.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidhowland14 View Post
    so poach it.
    I'd say it's got more then enough to be poachable, but because of it's location (front stage and centered) I'd be ready to make that your last run.

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    I skied OL as well as the Fiddle on 12/23 and 12/24 - it was great to ski them on natural snow. The heavy rains and warm temperature that followed melted most of the natural snow and you saw rocks and terrain after it. Now it has more coverage from the snow that fell last Saturday but the rocks are still showing through. I believe that Geoff did ski it and thought it was not a do-over. As Geoff said they will start blowing on it today or tomorrow.

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    Like Geoff said, the efforts were around resurfacing existing major routes instead of expansion. It's happened a lot before...

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    outer limits is the steepest and longest mogul slope in the eastern united states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2knees View Post
    outer limits is the steepest and longest mogul slope in the eastern united states.
    Your such a troll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ALLSKIING View Post
    Your such a troll.
    love you too dave.

    i'll be at killington 1/24 (arriving late) till 1/26 or 27. skiing monday and tuesday. if you can stick around for a day or two please let me know.

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    No snowmaking on OL today. Half-pipe and Dreamweaver.

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    Killington has been resurfacing most of the mountain after the big 60 degree meltdown right after Christmas. While I think they've taken their time about it, they are getting there.

    Outer Limits after the 3 foot dump before Christmas was outstanding. Untracked thigh deep powder after they dropped the rope Sunday afternoon. Sadly, it washed away too quickly in the rain and sun. Here is what the blog entry from today says:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Horrocks in insider.killington.com
    Leaks happen!

    A water leak on Bear Claw kept us from making snow on OL last night. The issue is currently being addressed and we should have OL charged and ready to go later today. However, with the next storm rolling in, we will be evaluating the snowmaking plan for OL throughout the day.

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